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Worthing AstronomersGroup Guidelines ~ September 2011  
1. The name of the group shall be Worthing Astronomers
2. The terms ‘Worthing Astronomers’ and ‘Group’ are interchangeable and refer to members active onthe roll of membership
3. Membership is by application via a submission from the Group website or by writing to the Coordinator
4. The group is based upon on an informal format
5. Worthing Astronomers is run by the membership for the membership

Worthing Astronomers Aims:
1. provide a free-to-join group open to anyone interested in Astronomy
2. promote Astronomy to the membership and the wider general public
3. offer unbiased help to members when and where required
4. provide a newsletter with astronomical news and information on a monthly basis
5. provide an up-to-date website
6. provide regular observing sessions for the membership and out-reach for the general public
7. arrange monthly meetings for members to exchange news on an informal basis
8. work with other astronomy groups in the area to the mutual benefit of all parties

Worthing Astronomers:
1. does not have a formal committee though for reasons of contact with other astronomy groups in thewider astronomy community
(1) co-ordinator to liaise with members and advertise amongst the membership any events thatmight be of interest to the membership and act as a contact to the wider general public
   (2) membership secretary to keep a record of the membership. This membership to be auditedat regular intervals so the record of those willing to stay in the Group is up to date
(3) treasurer to keep a record of expenses and income of the Group
(4) these posts are to be filled from the membership of the Group
2. membership are actively encouraged to participate in the running of the Group as per items 1.4and 3.1.(4) above
3. members are also encouraged to help, assist and manage the website, newsletter production andorganization of observing events
4. members are welcome to help in any rôle that they can for the beneficial running of the Group
5. does not charge for membership though donations are welcome and all such shall be receipted andthe account of income and expenses presented to the membership each autumn
6. membership shall be asked their opinions on decisions related to the running of the Group
7. provide insurance for public observing events via the liability insurance purchased by the Groupsmembership of the Federation of Astronomical Societies, or other bodies which share a mutual andcaring interest in the promotion of astronomy
8. shall join organizations which promote Astronomy as and when it is considered beneficial to the Group
9. shall liaise with other astronomy groups within our locale to the mutual benefit of all
10. expect all young persons under the age of 18 and other vulnerable persons who attend Group orpublic observing sessions to be accompanied by a responsible person
11. expect all members to treat other members of the Group and any visitors with respect
12. reserves the right to remove disruptive members from Group or public observing/outreach events
13. reserves the right to remove disruptive members from the roll of members

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